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Features Digital Teacher English Language Lab Hand Book

  • As per the expert guidance we have designed the software (English Language Lab)
  • As per experts' advice, student has to complete the course in 440 sessions
  • Duration of each session is between 30- 45 minutes, based on the topic/concept
  • We strongly advice students to follow the class /session as per sequence mentioned in this book
  • Student might take less time or more time to complete each sesssion

Instructions to use English Lab USB/Pen Drive:

    1 Insert English Lab USB/Pen Drive to the Computer/Laptop.
    2 Click on “Autorun_tc.exe” to Load necessary supporting files.
    3 Now, Open the “English Language Lab.exe” to launch English Lab.

How to plug-in Microphone Headset:

Enabling Audio Record Button for Speaking Activities: