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Components of Lab Soft skills

Following topics are covered in Soft Skills Section :

Self-Skills Know Your Self
What is Self
3 Important Reasons to Know Self
Self Love
Clear Decision Making
Self Esteem
Building Self Esteem
Activity - Building Self Esteem
Self Insight
Johari Window
Activity - Johari Window
Presentation Skills Presentation Skills
Importance of Presentation Skills
Do’s of Presentation
Do’s of Presentation - Define
Do’s of Presentation – Kiss Your Audience
Do’s of Presentation – Pace
Do’s of Presentation – Body Language
Body Language Classification – Eye Contact
Body Language Classification – Posture
Body Language Classification – Head Position
Body Language Classification – Arms
Body Language Classification – Legs
Do’s of Presentation – Relevance
Don’ts of Presentation
Organizing Presentation
Communication Skills Communication Skills
Communication - Definition
Communication - Process
Key Elements of Communication – what to Communicate
Key Elements of Communication – How to Communicate
Key Elements of Communication – what to Expect
Communication - Objectives
Communication Functions – Inform/Suggest
Activity – Holding pencil
Communication Functions – Instruct/Command
Communication Functions – Integrate
Communication Functions – Influence/Persuade
Activity-Influence - Persuade
Communication Barriers – Interpersonal
Unclear Process
Chain of Command
Activity - Chinese Whisper
Personal Limitations
COMMUNICATION barriers - Common
Human Nature
Learn to Speak for Yourself
Ball Activity
Power of Listening
Reason for Poor Listening
Guidelines for Effective Listening
Barriers to Listening
Paper Activity
Body Language
Body Language – Points to Remember
Activity – Body Language
Group Discussion Tips for Group Discussion
Qualities Shown In Group Discussion
Interview Skills Interview Skills
Job offer Process
Resume - Purpose
Tips for RESUME Preparation
Order of Information
Tips for Effective INTERVIEW - Appearance
Tips for Effective INTERVIEW - Arrival
Tips for effective INTERVIEW - Arrival
Sample – Self Introduction
Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Eye Contact
Tips for effective INTERVIEW – Body Language
Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Interest in Job
Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Give interviewer Chance to Speak
Tips for effective INTERVIEW – General Tone
Tips for effective INTERVIEW – Closing
Tips for effective INTERVIEW – Closing
Activity - Interview Skills
What is JAM (Just a Minute) round?
Tips for cracking JAM Round
Activity - Jam
Job Specific Rounds
Job Specific Rounds
Expectation from Candidate – HR Interview
What creates Bad Impression