A Good Education can Change Anyone, A Good Teacher can Change Everything
Digital Teacher – English Language Lab

Smart classrooms and educational software are limited to the physical classrooms we are all familiar with. This is great and all but not always feasible especially for distant education or for students who are not that privileged or fortunate. Thus, a large number of online universities and e-courses are emerging increasingly to accommodate the demands of the expanding student community.

With the advent of the digital age all over the world, online courses are becoming increasingly popular. Virtual learning is the future of the modern educational system. E-courses are thriving given the number of students who find it convenient to study online rather than locomoting to remote places for good tuition. Thanks to the online courses, this is almost a myth now.

Coming to the question we started with: how good are these best online courses available today? One trait that all the sites and channels on YouTube have developed is the habit of referring to themselves as the best in the industry. While that is true for some of the said sites and channels, it is an exaggeration for most of them and their standards. Given the fact that digi classes are still emerging, these sites do a fairly good job but in no way are they the best. One more hypocritical aspect of online classes or virtual learning is the amount of money that is obligatory for a student to pay to avail the services. This in itself is a vice that is enough to mark such sites as nowhere close to being the best since the spirit of virtual education is lost with such money-hungry actions. digi classes that are genuinely good often offer free education. There are tutorials that are immensely helpful for students, sometimes serving better than a book if we can dare to say so.