Are You Trying to Find the Best Internet-Free Interactive English Language Lab Software? For your Personal Use, School, College or Educational institution! This solution comes in our Digital Teacher English Language Lab software! It’s among the best offline tools to help with easily learning English. This course is for you if you truly desire to speak English more fluently.

We’ll look more closely into the unique features of our Digital Teacher English Language Lab software program. To begin with, it gives students, teachers, tutors & English learners a wide array of interactive tasks and lessons that aim to improve each aspect of LSRW – English language skills. Additionally, we also provide listening, speaking, reading, writing, phonetics, vocabulary, soft skills, and Life skills.

Best Part of Our Language Lab Software:

Some of the comprehensive capabilities of our Language Lab software are as follows:

  • We provide a range of exercises, from speaking and grammar practice to vocabulary building.
  • Because of its simple design, you may easily move through the exercises according to what level you are at in English, whether it is beginner (A1 Level) or expert (C2 Level).
  • Even if learners are not comfortable speaking English right now, our offline software will assist you step-by-step through developing your communication skills.
  • Offline; no internet connection is required. This allows students to learn and enhance their English skills at any time and from any location.
  • Students can simply access help and switch to full-screen mode using the menu.
  • The history tool allows Learners to quickly return to previously studied topics.
  • Save relevant subjects for future reference.
  • The stop, play, rewind, and fast-forward buttons allow Students to regulate the speed of playback.

These are only just a few of the features that our software includes. Keep reading for additional details in the next feature part!

Want to learn more? We’ll be sharing more exciting features of our software soon! Next, we’ll describe how our English Language Lab Software works without the internet. It will be quite useful to you!

English Language Lab by Digital Teacher: Skills include vocabulary, speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar.
Digital English Language-Lab Software

How Does English Language Laboratory Software Works? Without the Internet!

We Digital Teacher, developed the Language Lab software with Indian educational institutions in mind. Our interactive Digital English Language Lab software is suitable for students in primary and elementary schools, secondary and high colleges, universities, and individuals with personal goals like interviews, IELTS preparation, improving grammar and vocabulary, covering life skills, presentation, communication, group discussion, and many more… Okay, now let’s understand how this English Lab Software works without! internet!

How Does English Language Laboratory Software Work?

(DT-ELL) Digital Teacher English Language Lab is language laboratory software for India. It can be installed on single or multiple PCs or laptops! The software is installed on the device using USB, a pen drive, and client-server technology (the server and any nodes (systems) that are linked to it). or a remote application such as AnyDesk. And we just need the internet during the installation process to activate the software! After that, learners can use it without the internet!

Installation Procedure/Requirements for Language Laboratory!

Table: Installation/Requirements for Language Laboratory
Hardware Needed
Any Windows-based computer
Earphones with microphone
Installation Options
Single Computer: Install directly on one computer
Multiple Computers/Laptops: Connect computers to a Application to Install
USB Drive Installation: Install on a USB stick for flexibility
Support Options
Technical support available through help desk application

Set Up of English Language Lab Software Using USB or Pen-drive:

To assist learners in setting up the English Language Lab Software via a USB or Pen-drive, the following steps are provided:

Installing English Lab Software in a USB/Pen Drive
1. Insert the English Language Lab Software already installed in a USB or Pen-Drive into your computer/laptop.
2. Execute “Autorun_tc.exe” to load the necessary supporting files.
3. Launch “English Language Lab.exe” by double-clicking it to commence the English Lab course. (as depicted in the image below.)
Instructions to use English Lab Software in USB or Pen Drive
Instructions to use English Language Laboratory Software in USB or Pen Drive

For further information, watch the YouTube video “Digital Teacher- How to Use English Language Laboratory Software in Schools and Colleges” in the table below!

How to use English Language Lab software in Schools and Colleges

Why Only Digital Teacher English Language Laboratory Software!

The Digital Teacher English Language Laboratory Software is the best option since it is particularly developed for Indian educational institutions and provides an interactive learning environment that can be used by teachers, students, organizations, and individual learners. Our software’s superior offline features promote easy access and adaptation, making it a great choice for English language learners in various kinds of educational environments.

Check out the features listed below to find out why Digital Teacher English Language Laboratory Software is the best!

  • Additionally, there are six levels, covering listening, writing, speaking, reading, life skills, and soft skills.
  • Activities can be adjusted to match skill levels from A1 (basic) to C2 (advanced).
  • Teachers can utilize the lab software to bolster their students’ independent learning.
  • While monitoring features for teacher observation are available, we advise against excessive reliance on them, as students should be capable of using the Language Lab software independently.
  • Our language laboratory software facilitates unlimited voice recordings.
  • It offers an enjoyable, cost-effective learning environment.
  • The English Lab software features diverse audio, video, and role-playing exercises, along with real-time feedback and assessments.
  • Our Language Lab Software helps learners enhance their speaking skills by teaching over 5,000 words and adding over 3,000 syllabic phrases.
  • Engaging in audio activities may help enhance listening skills, as well as vocabulary and grammar proficiency.
  • The Language laboratory is designed to enhance communication, self-awareness, and leadership abilities.

I hope this explanation is helpful and highlights the benefits of our English Digital Language Lab Software!

Student in English Language Lab

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