What is an English Language Lab?

English Language Labs have become highly valued in schools, colleges & universities because they provide students an organized e-learning environment that is reliable and successful. New technologies are increasingly presented in classrooms, as they accomplish the teacher's role in creating a far more attractive learning environment for the learner. In addition, It offers their students additional practice time and up-to-date exercises than can be within language books.

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are the four skills which play an important role in the acquisition of language and learning. English language lab has already established a tradition of aiding learners to enhance their English, whether for work, personal enrichment or English for Academic Purposes. The English language lab is an extremely useful tool that facilitates class room engagement and interaction via computer based activities and exercises to increase language immersion. These English language labs give completely different experience from the traditional system of learning languages and teaching, offering advanced features and functionalities.