Nowadays, English has become very important in every field ranging from academics to career prospects. One should learn English grammar to get a strong hold on English as it widely accepted language across the world.

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The future prospects of English in India:

are given below to understand how it will shape in the near future in India.

  • Global language-English is the global language, and officially it is used in every sector in India. In India, English is the medium through which teachings are provided, and exams are taken. Hence, English in India will last for centuries.
  • Promotes intercultural communication with other countries-the English language brings the cultural and intellectual unification of the people living in the north, east, west, and south in India. It links every culture existing in India and with other countries.
  • International transactions-English language is used as a medium of communication for international transactions. The international trade is done through global transaction and English is the official language for that. For the economic and commercial purposes in India, English is used.
  • For science and technology studies-For higher studies in science and technology, English is preferred. The UGC (Universal Grants Commission) has recommended all the universities in India to conduct exams through English medium for scientific and technological studies.

The growth of the businesses:

The business in today’s scenario is not limited to a country. It is growing on an international level. Hence, to make ties and to grow businesses in India, the international market is considered especially the USA where English is dominant.

The modern age of India has an international culture of business and marketing. This leads to the use of English as a medium of communication in India. If someone wants to know English, then they must learn English grammar.