Vocabulary Builder, has been classified into 8 levels:

In this Computer Based Tutor to build your Vocabulary Builder, has been classified into 8 levels. Words used in this Tutor are carefully selected to ensure your success in achieving mastery over vocabulary. Regular and Consistent Practice is the key to acquiring a firm grip over the intricacies of the language. Enjoy the Journey!

Level-1 Verbs:

These are the basic verbs used by beginners.

Verb: Verb is a word that describe what the subject is doing
Verbs Meaning Images and Examples

Level-2 Verbs:

These are verbs which help users to convey actions which they observe and carry out habitually.

Spices which are used for flavoring with image examples
Types Of Spices With Examples
Level-3 Verbs:

The verbs of this level assist learners in improving their vocabulary.

Verb: Verb is a word that describe what the subject is doing
Verbs Along with Images and Examples
Level-4 Verbs:

Learners who wish to become proficient in English vocabulary need exposure to these verbs.

Verb: verb is a word which describe what the subject is doing
Verbs Examples with Images

Level-5 Verbs:

This list contains verbs of regular usage in our daily activities and formal communication.

Level-6 Verbs:

It contains verbs of an advanced level which help in conveying the intended meaning with clarity and precision.

Level-7 Verbs:

These are verbs which are unorthodox in nature. They are to be used in situations which do not occur on a daily basis.

Level-8 Verbs:

Here, we find verbs that are used by professionals in different fields of work. Hence they require specialist knowledge.

Apprise: Apprise sentence example with images
Apprise Meaning With Pictures
Beat: Beat can mean hit repeatedly, stir vigorously, or defeat
Beat Meaning Along with Images
Beguile: beguile means to draw notice or interest by someone
Beguile Meaning and Images With Examples
Computer: computer parts uses and their history shows along with examples
Computer Parts Uses And History
Disperse: different types of disperse images
Different types Disperse
Diffrent Types Of Drinking
Diffrent Types Of Drinking
Envisage: envisage meaning in english with pictures and examples
Envisage Meaning in English
Interrogate: interrogate info graphic with meaning examples
Interrogate Meaning and Image Examples
Type of plants and herbs pictures with examples
Medicinal Plants And Herbs Images With Examples
Munch means to eat something, especially noisily
Munch Images and Examples
Useful list of musical instruments in english names with pictures
Musical Instruments Names With Pictures
Navigate: Navigation helps to guide, from one place to another place on a map
Navigate Meaning Along with Images
Opposites: english language lab practical activity on opposite words with examples for kids
Opposite Words and Pictures With Examples
Plants and shrubs plants picture names with examples
Plants And Shrubs Names Pictures
Plants and Trees names: types of plants and trees in English with pictures examples
Plants And Trees Names With Pictures
Rupture means the state of being broken apart or burst suddenly
Rupture Meaning With Pictures
Sing: Different singing styles include in this picture
Sing Image With Examples
Definition of slit and types of slit in this image
Slit Meaning With Image Examples
Succor : Succor is defined as to support or helping
Succor Sentence Picture With Examples
English language lab practical activity on till, plough and mine differences by looking at the provided picture
Till, Plough and Mine Difference
Different types of cleaning and meaning with examples
Types Of Clean