What Is Soft Skills In Digital Language Lab?

Soft skills” is a term used by employers to describe the personality traits and interpersonal skills required of employees to succeed in almost any job. In recent years, they have become more and more important to a successful professional career and recently have become a popular talking point in the media, among employers and officials.

Types of soft skills with examples
Types Of Soft Skills

Types Of Soft Skills? – Digital Language Lab:

Soft skills, also called interpersonal skills, are abilities that can be useful in any job. Unlike hard skills, these skills are vague and hard to define. They’re harder for you to quantify since candidates may not list them on their resumes. These skills include things like communication, motivation, teamwork, time management, work ethic, and flexibility.

Hard skills are the specific abilities that are required for a certain job. These abilities are specific and teachable, and they can be easily defined and measured. Usually, people learn hard skills at school or in their previous jobs. For example, if you’re hiring for engineering roles, hard skills may include things like a professional engineer designation, experience with welding equipment, or the ability to repair equipment. Hard skills may also include proficiency in a foreign language, like French or Spanish.

Following topics are covered in Digital Language Lab Soft Skills section:

Self Skills:

  • Know Your Self
Self skills know yourself: in this module will take you through four self-assessment activities
Self Skills Know Yourself
  • What is Self
What is self: reference by a subject to the same subject
What Is Self
  • 3 Important Reasons to Know Self
  • Self Love
In this module will learn self-love and what it means
Self Skills Self Love
  • Independece
  • Clear Decision Making
Types of clear decision-making and decision making process
Clear Decision Making
  • Self Esteem
Self Esteem: Self-esteem means is your overall opinion of yourself
Self Esteem
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Activity – Building Self Esteem
  • Self Insight
  • Johari Window
Johari window: This will help people better understand their relationship with themselves and others.
Johari Window
  • Activity – Johari Window

Presentation Skills:

  • Presentation Skills
Presentation skills meaning images with examples
Presentation Skills
  • Importance of Presentation Skills
  • Do’s of Presentation
  • Do’s of Presentation – Define
  • Do’s of Presentation – Kiss Your Audience
  • Do’s of Presentation – Pace
  • Do’s of Presentation – Body Language
Dos and how to use of presentation skills - body language
Presentation Skills Body Language
  • Body Language Classification – Eye Contact
  • Body Language Classification – Posture
  • Body Language Classification – Head Position
  • Body Language Classification – Arms
  • Body Language Classification – Legs
How organizing your presentation body
Organizing Presentation Body
  • Do’s of Presentation – Relevance
  • Don’ts of Presentation
Things not to do when presenting with example images
Presentation Not To Do
  • Organizing Presentation
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Communication Skills:

  • Communication Skills
  • Communication – Definition
Communication is the process of sending and receiving information among people
Communication Definition
  • Communication – Process
Working process of communication process examples
Communication Process
  • Key Elements of Communication – what to Communicate
  • Key Elements of Communication – How to Communicate
  • Key Elements of Communication – what to Expect
  • Communication – Objectives
The process of setting targets for communication
Communication Objectives
  • Communication Functions – Inform/Suggest
  • Activity – Holding pencil
  • Communication Functions – Instruct/Command
  • Communication Functions – Integrate
  • Communication Functions – Influence/Persuade
  • Activity-Influence – Persuade
Persuasive Communication: How a strong message can influence thinking, behavior and beliefs
Communication Functions Influence Persuade
  • Communication Barriers – Interpersonal
  • Unclear Process
  • Chain of Command
  • Activity – Chinese Whisper
  • Personal Limitations
  • COMMUNICATION barriers – Common
  • Human Nature
  • Conflicts
  • Power
  • Learn to Speak for Yourself
  • Ball Activity
Ball activities to improve communication skills for students
Communication Skills Ball Activity
  • Power of Listening
  • Reason for Poor Listening
  • Guidelines for Effective Listening
  • Barriers to Listening
Different types of barriers to effective listening tips and examples
Barriers To Listening
  • Paper Activity
  • Body Language
Useful body language points to remember during an interview or important meetings
Body Language Points To Remember
  • Body Language – Points to Remember
  • Activity – Body Language
  • Remember

Group Discussion:

Group discussion: skills required in group discussion with examples
Qualities Shown In Group Discussion
  • Tips for Group Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Qualities Shown In Group Discussion

Interview Skills:

  • Interview Skills
Basic to advance interview skills that will help you get hired | English language lab
Interview Skills Tips
  • Job offer Process
Job Offer Process: understanding the requirements and finally issuing the offer letter
Job Offer Process
  • Resume – Purpose
  • Tips for RESUME Preparation
Tips on writing a resume activity with examples
Tips For Resume Preparation
  • Order of Information
  • Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Appearance
Tips for effective interview - Interest in job
Tips For Effective Interview
  • Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Arrival
Tips for a successful interview -English language lab
Tips For Effective or Successful Interview
  • Sample – Self Introduction
  • Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Eye Contact
  • Tips for effective INTERVIEW – Body Language
  • Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Interest in Job
  • Tips for Effective INTERVIEW – Give interviewer Chance to Speak
  • Tips for effective INTERVIEW – General Tone
  • Tips for effective INTERVIEW – Closing
  • Tips for effective INTERVIEW – Closing
  • Activity – Interview Skills
Basic to advance interview skills that will help you get hired
Tips For Interview Skills
  • What is JAM (Just a Minute) round?
  • Tips for cracking JAM Round
  • Activity – Jam
  • Job Specific Rounds
  • Job Specific Rounds
  • Expectation from Candidate – HR Interview
  • What creates a Bad Impression