Recently, We had a call from a student, Asked! “What is Language Lab?” We explained everything to him, After that, they asked “Could you please share a sample of the Language Lab software demo?” (English Language Lab). We’ve been doing it for 10 years. Let me explain! “How does the English Language Lab software work?” So, here’s the information!

A Student Asked! What is Language Lab?

The truth is that English has a poor standing in many schools! They’re treating it like any other content subject, such as geography or history. Instead of treating English like a textbook, let us explore the best method of learning the English language!

Exactly what is an English lab, we’re trying to explain in simple terms. The word ELL/DLL abbreviation stands for English Language Lab or Digital Language Lab, and it is a powerful software tool for helping students improve their knowledge of the English language. It is also highly beneficial for teachers, administrators, and English language learners to effortlessly teach or learn language skills. This English Lab software is specifically designed for students of India. Anyone can learn any level of English skill, from A1 beginning to C1 advanced. The software covers all areas of learning the English language, including vocabulary, phonetics, pronunciation, soft skills, life skills, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

What is a English language lab Software, and levels? with Benefits!

Features Of English Language Labs For Students?

Students can benefit from English language labs in numerous ways, including:

  1. Language Lab Students have an interest in learning and practising many different areas of English by using interactive tasks and activities.
  2. Learners get instant feedback on their performance, allowing them to track how they’re doing and learn opportunities for improvement.
  3. Students can analyze their private progress, which develops interest to continue studying and obtaining what they want. (Increased dedication: Interactive lessons and tasks make English learning more enjoyable and engaging.)
  4. Grammar and fluency improve: Language Labs allow students to practice speaking English in an enjoyable and supportive environment.
  5. The Students/ English learners can improve their listening skills by listening to native speakers and doing audio activities.
  6. enhanced vocabulary and grammatical usage Labs include tasks that build vocabulary and written knowledge and skills.
  7. confidence: Students’ belief in their English skills can be improved by receiving positive comments and watching their development.
  8. However, English language laboratories are an important tool for students to study and enhance their skills in the English language. These applications are an outstanding tool for unique and interesting language learning because of differences in interactive activities, quick feedback, and progress-tracking features.

How English Lab Software Benefits Language Learners:

The English language laboratory it’s like simply an amazing fantastic computer software that makes studying English much easier! That means Students can ask doubts and improve practical skills which makes learning more interesting than in regular classrooms.

Here Are Some of the Key Features of the Language Lab Software:

  • 5,000+ words (8 levels) with images: Learners can use images to learn new words and understand their meanings.
  • Audio/visual: Learners can utilize these tools to improve their speech skills and practice perfect pronunciation.
  • With a mic, They can record and listen to their voices.
  • Develop grammar understanding: Users may use this course to learn the basics of grammar and improve their grammatical skills.
  • Fluency / Proper syllabic division and stress patterns improve consonant and vowel sound speech.
  • Trainers can use this tool to develop their skills in properly speaking consonants and vowel sounds.
  • There are almost 3,000+ syllabic phrases used, including monosyllabic to hexasyllabic.
  • These words can help students improve their syllabic division skills.

Digital English language laboratories commonly Work on a computer system. Learners use a digital display or mice to perform practices and activities. The activities cover a wide range of topics that are specialised for the requirements of everybody who is learning.

English Language Lab Software Features

English Language Lab Software Syllabus:

Learn, Speak, Read, Write (LSRW) with A1 to C1 Levels

Digital teacher Language lab software syllabus covers The basic concepts of grammar, listening, speaking, reading, writing, and phonetics are covered in these courses, with levels covering beginning (A1) to advanced (C2). It also offers tasks for developing vocabulary as well as soft skills and life skills. Let me explain in detail!

  • Basics of Grammar: We covered the basics of grammar in two parts: (Parts 1 & 2) for all levels (A1-C2). It also includes sections on!
  • Listening: Basic and advanced skills for A1-C2 levels.
  • Speaking: Basic and advanced skills for A1-C2 levels.
  • Reading: Basic and advanced skills for A1-C2 levels.
  • Writing: Basic and advanced skills for A1-C2 levels.
  • Phonetics: Basic and advanced skills for A1-C2 levels.
  • Vocabulary Builder: Dedicated section for vocabulary building.
  • Soft Skills & Life Skills: Additional training in essential non-technical skills.

For 100% effectiveness, Our Language Lab course was developed with the help of Language expert guidance. The course requires completing 440 sessions. Each session lasts between 30-45 minutes, but it may depend on the topic or activity that students/learners choose.

During our course of study or training session, it tells students to follow the sequence described in the guide. It also says that students can allow a range of time to finish a particular lesson.

Also, watch our “Digital Teacher – English Language Lab Software” YouTube video in the below!

How to use English Language Lab?

It is very easy to use our English Language Lab Software; students/learners only require a computer and headphones with a microphone. The software is easy to install in various ways, such as on individual devices, on clients connected to a server, on a single PC, or through a USB connection. also Without any extra transportation. Here are some examples of English Language Lab Installations.

Set up of English Lab Software in Schools and Colleges

  1. Computer hardware required: Any Windows-based OS + earphones with Mike
  2. Single PC/ One Computer Installation: If you just have one computer, we can install the course immediately on it. (Technical support through a help desk application.)
  3. Multiple Computers/Laptops: By connecting multiple computers in a classroom or lab system to a server with clients through the software installed so that all have simple access. Also, if you like, you may install the program on a single PC and take turns using it.
  4. Through USB drive Installation: We Install this course(English Language Lab) on a USB stick and Learners can run it on any computer/Laptop with a USB port for maximum flexibility.

Installing English Lab Software in a USB/Pen Drive:

  1. Place the English Lab USB/Pen Drive into your computer/laptop.
  2. Click “Autorun_tc.exe” to load the required supporting files.
  3. Now, double-click “English Language Lab.exe” to start the English Lab course. (as shown in the below image.)
Instructions to use English Lab Software in USB or Pen Drive
Instructions to use English Lab Software in USB or Pen Drive

I hope this above article covers some key points! Anyhow our English Language Lab is always available to help you improve your English, no issue how you would like to use it. Simply put on your headphones and begin your English language learning!

Student in English Language Lab
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