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When a child is born then at that time does not know any language. With the time and people around came under mother tongue influence and start speaking the same language as others are using. With the start of other activities in life like schooling and making friend, it starts learning other languages to communicate with others. There are many languages which are used, but to communicate with people all around the world, English is essential to learn. Therefore, English as a global language appeared and it became necessary for working individual to come out of their mother tongue influence and to learn the English communication skills.

To learn the English language skills is important, so that if required to do an English conversation with anyone such as colleagues or giving an interview for the job. If an individual is having good English communication skills then there will be no difficulty in conversing and could be done with ease. If an individual does not have the right attitude towards learning the English language skills then it might happen that an individual could not able to grow in their life as compared to other who is conversant with the English conversation.

With a growth in the industry of information communication technology, English as a global language has been more widely accepted as most of the information available is in the English language only. As the information communication technology is spreading its boundaries there is altogether more need being there who are skilled in the English conversation as well as have good command on the English grammar. Only the person who is capable of conversing in English might not able to achieve a high level if it does not have the knowledge of English grammar and could not construct sentences properly. So proper knowledge in each aspect of English is necessary.