ESL lab:

ESL lab is for ESL English i.e., for those whose mother tongue is other than English. The most essential component ESL English learning is ESL listening. So, ESL lab listening is given high importance. It deals with various English courses, English listening audio and English language studies.

English Language Lab provides different activities to easily understand English Vocabulary through different English level activities
English Language Lab – Digital Teacher

Communication Skills Lab:

Many times it is also referred as English communication skills lab, English language communication skills lab. An English communication skills lab/ English language communication skills lab/ Communication skills lab develops among the students a habit of listening and speaking with accurate pronunciation. It includes English courses, English listening audio, English language studies and also English comprehension.

Advanced Communication Skills Lab:

If communication skills lab has some extra facilities like English language video i.e., English language learning videos, English language book etc. it can be considered as Advanced Communication skills lab. The students can use these facilities like English language video, English language books to improve English language levels.

learning phonetics even easier
Phonetics Lab – Digital Language Lab

Phonetics Lab:

The existence of Phonetics lab had been since 1988. It teaches pronunciation, tongue and lip movement for words which can impact the speaking skills. With the advancement of digital language learning system, English language learning videos came into existence and made learning phonetics even easier.

Multimedia English Language Lab:

Each student is given an individual console with a dedicated headset, they have one of the main advantages of practicing on their own with complete privacy in Multimedia English language lab. So they can do their pronunciation, listening, reading, writing & speaking comfortably and most importantly at their own learning pace. It is a part of digital language learning system. Digital language lab manufacturer improved teaching environment in the computer labs.

Wireless language Lab:

The latest innovation made in classroom English language lab activities/ English lab activities are the founding of Wireless language lab. It makes the classes more vivid and open, the classed won’t be restricted by the time and place.

Phonetics – English Language Lab | Digital Teacher

With the advancement of technology, digital language lab manufacturers are making many innovations in English language lab activities/ English lab activities and resulting in improvement of English language levels and English language comprehension in learners.