Introducing Yourself Before Giving Speech
Introducing Yourself Before Giving Speech

Language is the means of communication with fellow beings and the world outside for effectively conveying our thoughts and desires. The use of words, image, symbol, and sound manifest the base of a language. It is the mode of expression and emotional release on which civilizations thrive.

The communication medium of today’s civilization undoubtedly thrives on the English language. This is because English has for long been the medium of instruction and communication in education, business, international trade, and commerce. It is an international language and is an important factor in today’s globalized world.

Educating in English

A child could be educated in the native language during the initial years but as the level of education increases his/her thirst for knowledge in the array of different fields will also increase. To progress in the field of science, computers, mathematics, law or any of the civil services as a career the knowledge of English is mandatory.

The internet-savvy generation of today can’t do so without the knowledge of English, even if it is at a basic level. In the information technology field, computer programmers are required to code using syntax which is in English. Getting a job in a multinational organization in your own country or in a foreign country will necessarily require a sound knowledge of English.

Global acceptance of the language

Though every country in the world may not be proficient in English, it is the widely accepted official language of communication in most of them. It plays a key role in building diplomatic relations with the countries.

The significance of the English language in the international business community cannot be understated as most of the cross-border business communication is conducted using the same, and the organizations expect their employees to be fluent in English.

Trisyllabic Words – English Language Lab

Being in the world of constant information exchange, the press and news is another important sphere where English has a crucial role. Every news has to be transmitted at the utmost speed, or else it loses its meaning.

News written in the native language could be accepted by the local community, but for the news to gain an international audience, it must be written in English only. This makes English a language of global significance which cannot be overlooked.